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Car Towing in Guildford

Car towing can be a lifesaver when dealing with a car breakdown and the need to transport it to a workshop. It ensures that you have a relaxed and safe experience. Fast Recovery Services London has experts who have 15 years of experience providing car towing in Guildford. We offer a wide range of car towing services, from roadside emergencies to vehicle transport.

Our expertise lies in our specialised services, where we take full responsibility for your car from pick-up to drop-off. As a 100% licenced and insured car towing company, we provide timely support to our customers by meeting their needs efficiently.


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What Separates Us from Others?

Our qualified experts are fully knowledgeable about every car’s functioning. We offer 24hr car towing to ensure you receive top-notch services.

Wide Coverage Area: We operate in multiple regions to help you during car failure or mechanical problems. Our mechanics will reach your location swiftly to provide reliable and stress-free assistance.

Licensing and Insurance: We are licenced and insured, ensuring financial security during accidents or damages during our handling. We provide services in compliance with regulations.

24/7 Availability: We offer 24/7 emergency car towing in Guildford to provide immediate assistance. Our team ensures a quick response to rescue you from the difficult situation.

Industry Experience: Our staff has broader industry experience in car recovery in Guildford. We have encountered multiple towing situations, making us fully capable of handling your car.

Variety Of Services: Our company is not limited to towing services. We provide a wide range of services, such as tyre changes, battery replacement, jump-starts, handy vehicle assistance, and more.

Customer Satisfaction: Our company prioritises reliable customer support throughout the process. We are well-known for our efficiency and have the necessary tools to tow your car or offer other services.

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Recovering Your Car | Dispatch to Delivery

The towing process involves proper planning, specialised tools, and skilled experts. We ensure the safety and efficiency of our car towing service in Guildford.

  1. Dispatch & response time
  2. Assessment and preparation
  3. Selection of appropriate tools
  4. Securement and loading
  5. Transporting to destination
  6. Unloading and delivery
  7. Customer service and follow-up

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To avail of our fast and responsive 24-hour car towing service throughout London, reach out to us by filling out our form or via email ( or telephone (07737234940) for an instant quote.


A breakdown cover is essential for any driver and is designed to provide roadside assistance and towing. It offers 24/7 coverage for breakdowns over 1/4 mile from home.